What is the best Christmas gift you can ask from your loved ones?

Simla Sooboodoo

Are your parents asking you what you want for Christmas? 

As the holiday season looms, shop shelves fill with the latest products, luring consumers worldwide. Conveniently, each material possession seems to top models from the previous year, driving the masses to fill their shopping baskets to the brim. Commercials blare insistently, inciting individuals to show their love through luxury items. Left, right, and centre, people spill from every parking lot, storefront, and shopping aisle.

So what is it that you want for Christmas? 

I remember writing letters to the North Pole in my younger years requesting Santa to send me a child’s sewing machine; my aunty taking a fake memo as my dad nodded his head in approval. At a very young age, children learn to covet items that rest upon the store shelf or are placed under the Christmas tree. As one grows, interests change but the same materialistic attitudes remains… if not intensifies. The latest watches, laptops, clothes, and more become necessities as we age, even as we earn our own money. It seems crazy, but we often place a higher priority upon things than people.

A few days ago, I went to dinner with my girlfriends. A friend had had a 30th birthday a few months ago and her mum did not get her a gift. Feeling a bit embarrassed after she was asked ‘where is my birthday gift mum?’, the mother couldn’t guess what my friend desired as she seemingly had everything. Begging to know what her daughter wanted, my friend presented an empty notebook, “I would like a special gift”; a request from child to mother. 

“Write me a story. What did you do when you were young? How did you meet dad? When did you decide to get married? How was your life after you got married? How did it feel when you were pregnant with me? How was I as a baby? When did I start walking? What were you happy doing the most throughout life? Have you achieved what you wanted in life? What is there you want more in life?”

“In a nutshell, write to me about the lessons you have learned in life and you would pass on to me”

My friend was gleefully awaiting the answers to these pertinent questions pertaining to the family. Her desired gift was much more than anything that could ever be purchased.

Christmas is a few weeks away and I couldn’t be any happier to share this with you.

The requested memento would be something to touch the hearts of many generations to come. In this age of consumerism, it is truly refreshing to be exposed to experiences falling upon such a humanistic level. Goosebumps rose up my arm and down my back as I heard this lovely account of what a holiday gift should truly mean. If you are anything like me, then you cherish memories much more than simple objects. Through our efforts, we intend to make a lasting impact that will change the course of existence for many, much as the gift given to my friend will.

Remember what is important this year

This season, ask your family or friends for something that can be cherished to the fullest. Doing so, will only add joy to their lives and yours. If you find something that this person wanted to change or achieve, then jump in their corner. It is never too late to make a dream come true for anyone in this world. Christmas is all about spending time, loving and laughing with those you love, outside of external influences.

Forget the latest toy for Christmas, dig deep and think what you can do to give back. This time of the year must have a deeper meaning than simply the objects found in a store. Remove yourself from the distractions to realize what is truly important. Think of the difference that could be made by sacrificing a bit of time to a higher cause. The gift of a helping hand is far more valuable than anything found in a box and topped with a bow.  

Join along on our adventures to discover something that transcends what a once pure holiday has become. As local community members and travellers, it is our duty to nurture families and teach them the true values of life. We are all human beings and there is nothing more important than adding meaning to our journeys. Let us come together this holiday season to appreciate the gifts we’ve been given and let us pass them along to others. With a bit of help from everyone, we can change this world for the better.

Enjoy this festive season,

Simla S

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