Travel the unknown with Hands On Journeys

You may not realise it yet, but a new age of travel is here. One that takes you into the unknown, far away from your comfort zone. The unknown does not lend itself to holiday snaps and the generic tourist trail. Instead, armed with the gift of compassion, you can help create a better world for everyone. This is Hands-on journeys. We offer a holiday that makes a real difference both for you and for the people you meet along the way. With us, you don’t just see a place as an outsider; you become immersed in the culture and the way of life out there.

Our mission is simple: we travel, we inspire, and we give back to this beautiful world. Our team solves problems and designs solutions that are in sync with the environment, and in the process, we empower the people to help themselves. It’s the old adage of ‘give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach him to fish and he’ll never go hungry.’

Upward progression in society isn’t possible for everyone. Some people are born into a world where there are no opportunities, no education, and no hope of improvement. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the benefits and comforts of life, ask yourself if you willing to help those people in some way?

When you take a trip with us, you are not a tourist; you are a traveller and you are not a volunteer traveller but instead you are an EMPOWERING-TRAVELLER!

How we do what we do

The goal as an empowering traveller is to enrich the lives of others, and in many cases we do this for the simplest needs. Just the provision of better access to water, food, and housing for a start; essentials that should be available to all people, regardless of where they live. Hands on Journeys is dedicated to ensuring these at the very least.

Of course, we’d be doing the people a disservice if we just brought in a group of outsiders to provide things that we assume a community needs. Our helping hands include a full analysis of the cultural, historical, and social factors surrounding a community and its needs, and this way we can be certain that our (and your) impact will last.

Just like the man with the fish, if we simply gave money to individuals or groups, the long-term growth that communities need to maintain themselves would not be possible. Instead, we build lasting and resilient relationships, define our goals based on research, and aim to create proper resources that will last forever.

What’s in it for you?

Self-growth is the main theme of the benefits that you will access with Hands on Journeys. For starters, you can be a truly responsible member of the global society by helping to lift communities from the bottom up.

You’ll find that by connecting our work to your passion, you’ll achieve both personal and professional goals. Inspiration comes in many forms, and one way to find it is by making a positive impact on other people’s lives.

We don’t donate our time and hard work through pity, even though the living conditions and poverty experienced by others is heart-wrenching. Pity is an emotion that wastes time and energy. Instead we find constructive courses of action to ensure that we make a difference.

Your part in this process is to be willing to give something of yourself to others. This never gets old. Once you take your first step into the sphere of empowering-tourism, you probably will never turn back! If you’re ready to provide new opportunities to others, and to simultaneously bring real meaning to your travels, Hands on Journeys is ready to help you do that.

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