Start your adventure with a very special ticket


Every adventure begins with a ticket. Whether it’s for a bus, train, or plane ride, that ticket takes you away from your comfort zone and into a place where you could change others’ lives and your own too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Many people complain that there is nothing fulfilling in their lives. Nothing to really live for. Nothing to drive them. Perhaps they’re looking in the wrong places. You won’t find fulfilment on the TV, no matter how hard you look. There’s a chance you won’t find it in either work or leisure, safe in your Western world of easy amenities and abundance.

Get out of your comfort zone and meet the world at large

But, shift out of your comfort place and throw yourself into a journey with a difference, and you’ll find new things that catapult you towards goals you never looked to before. You too can improve the lives of other people. Just one individual who uses acts of kindness to change the world a little can impact the whole world, one community at a time. Use your curiosity and restlessness to break open the possibilities, and see the benefits surge into every part of your life.

Wade through the thickest jungles, and navigate the busiest streets with Hands on Journeys, and you’ll find something breathtaking with every step. New sights and smells abound; they jolt your senses and stimulate your mind. With different values and mindsets round every corner, you’ll question everything you have ever known.

See, the problem is that safe within your own bubble, it’s hard to understand the true gap between advantage and disadvantage across the world. Sure, most of us watch the News at some point, but that doesn’t really reveal the huge strata of different levels of suffering out there. The only thing that does is experience. Experiencing other people’s suffering; their wants and needs; their dire circumstances; this may be your only real way to understand what they go through.

Re-frame your existence

But it does something else too. Experiencing those things re-frames your own position in the world. It enables you to feel gratitude for our own luck, and gives you a further opportunity: to hold out your hand and offer an open heart and tangible help. Whether you simply smile and say ‘hello’ or provide sustenance for a hungry mouth, every single act of kindness has an impact on someone else.

Crossing borders in a literal sense awakens new areas within your character, no doubt about that. New borders of the mind are breached, and you’ll find yourself opened up and challenged in unfamiliar situations. Your relationships will be tested, and either strengthened or ditched, because as you grow to accommodate the new way you see the world, you’ll discover new depths within your physical, mental, and emotional processes.

Put simply, travel changes everything.

Hands on Journeys travel is extra special, so it stands to reason that the changes it will create within you will be big ones. We don’t just open an opportunity to visit a new country and look at a different culture through a tourism window. We provide all the tools you need to make a difference to other people’s lives from the inside out. All you need is the willingness to trust in the good nature of others, and you’ll find meaningful moments in every location.

Take a chance on humanity, and step out of the box that you’ve so carefully constructed for yourself. This way, you can challenge yourself, and challenge others. You’ll find true goodness in every corner of the globe, and your experiences with us will change everything. Once home, you’ll see it there too. You’ll look at life through different eyes after a holiday with Hands on Journeys.

Buy that ticket. Change your world. Because as you impact the lives of others with positive, wonderful help and joy, you can only improve your own view.

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