Traveling and creating through purpose – Empowerment Tourism

Empowerment Tourism

When looking towards the open road, wherever it may lead, paths unfold to reveal the uncharted.

As like-minded travelers enter the philanthropic arena it is important to not only combine skills within the group but also of those within communities in need. The first experience walking into a developing community can be a daunting experience for anyone.

Trashed filled lanes, standing water, and unhygienic conditions create an environment that could shock the system. Common sense from around the globe can go a long way when trying to provide clean facilities and education to others. Problems unfathomable by some may be able to be solved by others; likewise, actual action is able to be enacted by a few. Through this humanistic oriented approach, we will always be able to reach point B from A, as any determined traveler aims.

With a united front and all hands on deck, difficulties can begin to weaken and shrivel in fear. Families subsisting on mere dollars a day will be able to look towards tomorrow with a sense of hope. The burden of any struggle can be lightened as people from all walks come together for the greater good.

Taking a jump into the unknown requires a strength that rests deep within the soul; a fire that burns furiously with every turn. This youthful mindset transcends numerical value and should be celebrated by travelers and communities alike. Harnessing this spirit, however, can be a daunting task even for the strongest of leaders that follow the most righteous of paths. We enter communities of people who survive on simple farming and collecting, a place where the necessities of life are only afforded through the direct sacrifices of others.

Meandering along the landscape of rural agrarian communities, the smells, sights, songs, and spirit can overwhelm the soul. Some upon the trail may have a plan in hand while others may be simply focused upon discovery in of itself. it is important to understand what we all have to offer and put the plan into action. This journey is able to rise people above the dirt floors; from primitive foundations to aspirations that soar high. Travel, in its essence, is a continual learning experience enjoyed by all within contact. Discovering the world is a difficult task requiring foresight, awareness, and acceptance at all level.

True power rests within bands of like-minded souls, rather they are visitors or hosts. Working in villagers can be a dirty, often warm, affair that requires one to dig deep at every level. We are all travelers through life, trying to make the best out of every situation encountered. Adapting to cultures, dealing with the inopportune, or simply getting on that next wild ride are what one must endure. Common goals can unite individuals that find themselves leaning towards a similar direction. Once the unreachable is obtained, the sky is the limit for upcoming challenges.

Empowerment can be fully achieved when this fact is realized and implemented. It is our mission at Hands on Journeys to create an opportunity for all, no matter their walk in life. Exploration in any realm can be an insightful experience. Finding direction, gathering resources, and pushing further forward are all skills sharpened when building a community and traveling alike. Teaching the next generation and improving infrastructure at all levels is the goal we have as members of this traveling force; let us go forth and make a difference as one.

Through combining efforts, we can overcome anything that may stand in the way for years to come.

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