Empowerment Tourism

Traveling and creating through purpose - Empowerment Tourism

When looking towards the open road, wherever it may lead, paths unfold to reveal the uncharted. As like-minded travelers enter the philanthropic arena it is important to not only combine skills within the group but also of those within communities…
Simla Empowerment Tourism
Simla Sooboodoo

Hands behind the bigger picture

Upon our travels, a heartwarming moment is seemingly around every corner; brief lapses of time that epitomize. Entering a tiny village, outside the ancient temples of Angkor near Siem Reap, our group was greeted with broad smiles and open arms.…
Empowerment Tourism

Empowerment Tourism: What does it mean?

At Hands on Journeys we don't say Volunteer Tourism, we say Empowerment Tourism. But what does that mean? Let us try to explain the power we believe in this and why we want to get the future of travel following the #EmpowermentTourism movement...
Simla Sooboodoo

What is the best Christmas gift you can ask from your loved ones?

Are your parents asking you what you want for Christmas?  As the holiday season looms, shop shelves fill with the latest products, luring consumers worldwide. Conveniently, each material possession seems to top models from the previous year,…
Empowerment Tourism

Bring a brighter future to the children of today

What is it like to be deeply in poverty within the developing world, fighting day-to-day making minimal wages and gruelling hours to put food on the table? Even if we live alongside people in their homes for a couple of days, in the communities that we visit, we'll never really know. People get used to intolerable hardships; they may see it not so much as hardship as a hard way of life.

Travel the unknown with Hands On Journeys

You may not realise it yet, but a new age of travel is here. One that takes you into the unknown, far away from your comfort zone. The unknown does not lend itself to holiday snaps and the generic tourist trail. Instead, armed with the gift of compassion, you can help create a better world for everyone. This is Hands-On journeys.

Start your adventure with a very special ticket

Every adventure begins with a ticket. Whether it’s for a bus, train, or plane ride, that ticket takes you away from your comfort zone and into a place where you could change others’ lives and your own too, if that’s what you’re looking for.