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What is it like to be deeply in poverty within the developing world, fighting day-to-day making minimal wages and gruelling hours to put food on the table? Even if we live alongside people in their homes for a couple of days, in the communities that we visit, we’ll never really know. People get used to intolerable hardships; they may see it not so much as hardship as a hard way of life.

The thing is, that shouldn’t be the case anyway. It can’t be right that we have so much and so many people in the world have so little, can it? We love to think that with a bit of hard work and determination, anything is possible. But the truth is that even with those things, huge numbers of people in the world are unable to improve their condition for themselves.

Why is it so hard to climb out of poverty?

Think about it: it doesn’t matter how hard you work, whether that’s cleaning drains or streets, selling your handmade wares or food, or washing people’s clothes, none of those things will help you move upwards towards something with a real development aim. There might be a few more pennies in your pocket that will buy you and your family more food or nicer clothes, but new prospects don’t come along by themselves.

How can you be ambitious if you see nothing to be ambitious about? How can your child plan to be a film director one day if he has never watched TV or a movie? How can a girl plan to run her own company when she grows up, if she only knows that women work in and around the home?

One of the principles behind Hands on Journeys work is that the right tools and resources can help people go much further, particularly if they have fire in their bellies and a desire to make more of themselves.

The right tools and resources

Access to clean water and quality homes is a start in that direction. Add education, wider diets, and the Internet, and you’ve got people who are armed with the necessities to enable them to make long-term forward progression. Or at least, people who have the chance of that. Jobs that were once unobtainable or non-existent may then begin to provide real opportunities for people at home and in their own communities.

What you’ll take away from the experience

What this means for you as travellers with Hands on Journeys is that you’ll experience what to you may feel like a very raw and real experience, although you’ll only be scratching the tip of the iceberg as far as understanding how people live is concerned.

In giving up your creature comforts, however, you’ll discover a life that is minimal in the material, consumerist way of living. One that focuses you and the people around you on critical needs, not luxurious wants.

It will enable you to redefine your priorities for your own life, while helping others do the same from a very different angle. It will, above all, help you appreciate the things that make your life by comparison seem easy, and better still, help you ditch the stuff you don’t value so much, to make room for an overall more appreciative existence.

Your desire to help, in the face of poverty and inequality, will go further than you will ever know. By pooling your efforts with those of individuals in the communities we visit, you’ll be part of a major effort to improve the lives of those who have so much less. You’ll be able to pick up new skills, meet new friends, and assist with community improvement schemes that are designed to make a big difference.

Lessons learned through our organisation will be long lasting and will help you as well as those you have come to help. Only together – Hands on Journeys, you, and the communities we are linked with – can we begin to make a positive impact to create possibility and prosperity of a long-term nature.

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